Thursday, March 26, 2009

HaPpY BiRtHdAy KaRsOn!!

Karson turned 8 years old today. Time just seems to keep going by faster, and faster. It seems like just yesterday, he was just starting to walk. Now he is a boy full of spirit, and a maturity beyond his years. I am so proud to be his mom. Here is a look back on some of my favorite pics. I hope you had a wonderful day buddy!!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

ThE BiG NuMbEr 14

Today is Aaron and My 14th wedding anniversary. Most people say that time flies, and that they can't believe it's been 14 years. But I feel completely different. I can't believe it ONLY been 14 years. I feel like we have been together forever. In a good way!! I am so lucky that in the 16 years that we have been together, I have found someone who knows me often times better than I know myself. Together we have created 3 of THE MOST beautiful children ever. Aaron I love you so much..Thanks for stickin with me. I can't wait for all of our adventures to come.
I wanted to post a really cute pic of us when we were dating, but it is in a "Joy" frame in my Christmas stuff....totally unable to get to it right now. So maybe I'll do another anniversay post in December.

My Little Project

For Christmas this last year, I was able to get a bunch of metal star, and became aware of a cute project I could do. I modge podged Christmas scrapbook paper onto the star. They turned out really cute, but by the time I was done making the presents, I was so completely sick of stars.

But last night I decided that I needed to "Craft", so I made myself a star to go in my basement.

I love how it turned out, and they really are pretty easy to do.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Treasure...Courtesy of Gramma

For Abby's birthday, Gramma Debbie made her this quilt. It is so cute, and it's amazing how everything in it fits Abby's personality.
Abby is definately a snuggler, and adores her new blanket. Mom, I hope that you realize what treasures these things that you make for the kids are...even if they don't always realize it yet. Thank you so much for sharing your talents, and letting us be the beneficiaries. We love you so much.

Road Trip to Manti

This last weekend my sister Shelly blessed her new baby Ella in Manti. A bunch of us thought it would be fun for the girls to go down the night before, and get a room, and the boys would meet us down there on Sunday morning. So we reserved a family suite at one of the 3 MOTELS in Manti. Needless to say, we were not sure what to expect. Melissa and Ally were suppose to come with us too but had an unexpected emergency. We missed you guys...and boy did you guys miss out. Abby, Luke, and I got to Manti checked in and went to Shelly's house to play, and shop for hair bows while we waited for Mom, and Pam to get there. We finally got to the room at about 10:30, and were all pooped...I am laughing to myself at the pooped pun, and you will understand as I get further into the story. Mom had gone to use the restroom, and we heared some kind of shreak....

This is what we found...Mom said that Luke was crawling along trying to Mr. Miagi this poor roach, and Gramma smashed it. That set the tone for the next set of fun. Upon trying to flush the roach down the potty, it started to over-flow. And something not of any of our making came back up...hense the pooped pun. YUCK!!!

Luke was totally oblivious to the grossness of the situation...he is a boy, and only wanted to watch t.v. We then called maint. ie the motel manager to come fix the clog. We should have had him leave the plunger.

Pam checked her bed for bugs.....we then all got ready for bed, and had probably one of the most memorable, fun, blackmale worthy 20 minutes of our lives.

This self portrait was right before we turned in. During the night after we thought that our plumbing problems were over, I had to potty so bad that my hands were hurting. I had waited because I didn't want to wake up Mom, and Pam. By the way...what family "suite" can you imagine would only have one bathroom? Anyway..I walked into their room, and mom said Kris watch out the toilet over flowed AGAIN. I went into the bathroom, and their were towels every where, and my sockies were soaked. YUCKIER. But a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do. ;D Anyhoo...we called the maint. guy again in the morning. I am sure that he just loved us. Everyone kept asking me if I complained. What would they do? Give me a free night? Ha Ha

The blessing was beautiful, and Ella even more so. She is a beautiful baby. The weather was wonderful, and the kids were able to play outside.

Ella Deborah Anderson. The newest member of our family.

It was a very memorable weekend. We had so much fun...Thanks girls for the memories!

Abby's Birthday Party

I am finally getting around to posting some pics from Abby's birthday. I have decided that my kids will get friend party's when they are 5 & 8, and more are just too much. Anyway Abby decided that she wanted a princess themed party. It was a little hard because she also wanted to invite boys. So we decided to have a Princess, Prince, Knight Party. It turned out just okay...not my greatest work. But thanks to Melissa, and Jamie Joy, no young children were harmed during the making of this post.
"The Gang"
Back Row: Oakley, Ally, McKade, Corbin, Abby
Front: Brynlee, Timothy, Mykenna, Kylie, Hayley

The first thing we did was pin the lips on the frog. It was cute. Even if my free hand frog was a little ghetto.

The boys had fun sword fighting...

and smacking around the Black "Sleeping Beauty" Dragon Pinata.

Auntie Ri made Abby this beautiful Jasmine night gown and robe. She worked so hard on it, every detail, even down to the box.

Abby loves it, and played the role of "Princess" very well that day.

Another fun first happened on her birthday. Abby was out riding her bike with her training wheel still on, and they were not even touching the ground. So I decided to take them off. And off she went...didn't even skip a beat. She even got her bike again after we got home from her birthday dinner to make sure she still knew how to ride. I am glad she had such a great birthday. 5 is a really big deal. The morning of her birthday she woke up and was worried that her undies would still fit. After all she was "5" now.