Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Abby's Preschool Graduation

My baby girl had her pre-school graduation last Thursday. She was so excited for us to see her program, and now I can see why. It was fantastic. The kids had learned songs all year long for it. They were a hoot. In this picture Abby is singing the 5 little pumpkins song. She was the 3rd pumpkins who said "Well I don't care!" which was delivered with a lil hip swagger.

In school they learned about different places and countries. Abby got to represent Hawaii. She was so excited, and loves to Hula.

She looks so grown up, and I have to say...I got a little tearie thinking that time is flying too fast, and that in not too many years I will be taking pics of her High School Graduation.

Here are the proud parents with the graduate.

Cute Gramma Debbie drove up from Utah County for the girls' graduation. Thanks Gramma it was so fun to have you there.

Abby was lucky enough to get to go through preschool this year with her cousin Ally who also graduated that day. They are TROUBLE!!!!

Both Abby, and mom are really excited for the new adventure of Kindergarten. However, I think what excites us most will be SCHOOL SHOPPING! Yippee

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Our First Pinewood Derby

Boy oh boy!! I had NO idea of what we were in for with Karson's first derby. He only started scouts a couple of weeks ago. I grew up with all sisters, and didn't realize what an intense ordeal this was. Karson was lucky this year to have his dad, and both grandpa's to help him with his car and race. He had a very good attitude about this, and was very excited about his car. He called it "the Twilight" after Anikin Skywalker's ship. He even glued an Anikin head to the car. The car did not even come close to placing, however we had a wonderful time with Papa who came up to the race with us. It was a great first experience.
Grandpa Fred Nydegger helped Karson weight the car

Grandpa Fred Kunz came race night to help as Aaron was out of town, and very disappointed to miss this first derby. So it was fun to have Grandpa there.

Karson was also awarded a music belt loop, as well as his bobcat award. He got to pin a little bobcat pin on me, and I got to paint the different color things on Karsons face. They have meaning but I forgot what they were for. ;D

Karson and his buddies getting amped up for the big race.

A very talented man in our ward made every boy who participated a special award. Which was so nice, because that was as close as we would come to getting any.

This is a pic of all of the cars, about 20 boys participated.

Karson, and his buddy Taylor...Taylor did very well in the races.

Karson before one of his heats.

Here are all of the pack that participated in the 2009 Pinewood Derby.

What a great learning experience for all of us. Karson had a blast....mom thinks that we will go out of town for the next one!!

The Stingray

For Karson's last term project for second grade he was told to pick an animal, do research on it, and make a habitat. Karson chose to do his report on a stingray. The report went great, and aunt Corinne gave us a great idea to use geletin for the habitat. Karson worked so hard on this. He used clay to mold the stingray, he also made a jellyfish, coral, and star fish. He then painted everything, and I helped him put it together in layers, he even had a plastic shark lurking in the water. I am so proud of him, and how much he has grown and excelled this year in school. Love you big man!!

Mother's Day

Really? What is Mother's Day? I think it's kind of silly. I was talking to my FRIEND/MOTHER IN LAW...yes I said FRIEND, she is a wonderful woman, and I will be eternally grateful for the wonderful mother she is to Aaron, and grandmother to my kids (Love you Franny). Anyway...we were talking that it's really just another day, and kind of a silly one. Especially for young mothers who often times work all day to make it a special day for their mothers (without compaint) but it's not usually a restful day. I guess that I am a lucky girl because I have a wonderful husband that tells me often how much he appreciates me and what I do for our family.

I do want to take a moment and share that I am so thankful for the examples of Motherhood that I have come into contact with in my life. My mom is an amazing woman! She is still teaching me about my role as a mother. She is a relativly new mother of a student ward in Orem. Along with my Dad "Mr. Bishop Part Deux" she is helping to from other lives, and influence the lives of alot of young adults, not to mention all of her grandkids! It's a huge job, and one that she is so wonderful at.

Along with being a nurturing mother/grandmother/friend, she also knows WHEN to say WHEN, which I think is hugely important. We as mother's need to know our limits, and know that it's ok to give ourselves a break, cut a little slack. I think we try and do too much for the sake of our families while neglecting ourselves.

Don't get me wrong, I had a wonderful Mother's Day, and felt lots of extra love with the gifts that Big Daddy, and my kids so lovingly made and picked out for me.

I have a wonderful family, and so grateful that I am a Mom. Hopefully I don't mess them up too badly. In the meantime, I will continue to give kisses, say prayers, clean up messes, help complete school projects, pottytrain, play princess, throw the football, and laugh ALOT at our crazy life. Loves to all.