Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Oh...Are you Abby's mom?

These few words are sometime a little nerv racking for a mother to hear, and I must admit I was a little nervous....but was pleasantly surprised. I was out taking goodies to a neighbor that moved into the cul de sac this summer whom I am embarrassed to say, I had never officially met. We wave, but tonight I asked if she was home to introduce myself.

After a little chit chat, she asked which house we lived in, after I told her she said "Oh are you Abby's mom?" I said I was, and this lady proceeded to tell me what a ray of sunshine my little girl is, and that she would always tease her husband and inquire if his "girlfriend" had been over that day. :) What a joy she is."

Abby I want you to know how proud I am to be your mom, and what a great lesson you have taught me. These people have been here for months, and I have not taken the time to introduce myself, but YOU did as they hopped out of the moving truck. I hope that we can instill the self confidence that you need to continue these good works even as you get older. I love you Princess!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Christmas Card 2009

We are soooo late getting Christmas cards out this year. And I wonder with only 4 days left until Christmas was it even worth it? I really had no fantastic picture of the kids, and NOT ONE of our whole here is what we came up with. I hope that everyone is enjoying the season, and remembering exactly WHY we celebrate. Merry CHRISTmas!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Nydegger Christmas in the Islands 2009

This year for our Annual extended family Christmas party my cousin Jason, and his wife Melaime decided to treat us to a little polynesian culture. My late Uncle Scott was married to a Tongan girl named Mowala (sp). We have not seen alot of Jason the past few years, and it is so wonderful to see him happy and healthy. Needless to say it was night filled with fantastic food, and entertainment including a little special dance by Grampa Bishop.
Jason and Ame

I sure wish I could have caught Becki with that beautiful mouth full of pork she was showin me. :)

It was such a fun night, I wish that we got together with everyone more that once a year. Thanks to Jason, Ame, and her family for all of the hard work. I feel really sorry for whoever is in charge next year, and has to top this. ;)

Tank hits the Terrible Two's...

I cannot believe how fast this year has flown by. My baby is growing up so fast he is literally a little man now. Here are a few pics from his big day.

Luke is such a blessing in our family. I miss the baby that used to love to cuddle, but am so proud of the strong little man that is developing. Luke, you are going to accomplish great things, I can feel it...I just hope you slow down a little, and stop growing up so fast. I know, I know but I can wish. Happy Birthday Tank!

Abby's Dance Recital Winter 2009

Abby and Ally had their first dance recital. It was fun for the girls, they loved all the preparation. They are both naturals! They danced to Kimberly Locke's version of "Up on the House Top." It was a fun night, and start to the season.

Gramma Debbie's Sledding Debut...

Yes folks that's right! It's the moment you've all been waiting for. Gramma Debbie took it to the hill at the 1st annual Nydegger Shinanigans at the dell...ENJOY!!

Monday, December 7, 2009

1st Annual Nydegger "Shinanigans at the Dell"

All because two people fell in love takes on a new meaning after this weekend. My dad called us a couple of weeks ago, and said that he was able to reserve the Lodge at their Stake property, and our family was going to have an overnight adventure. These two people have taught me so much! In this post I want to talk about the FUN!
Let me also say it is a very LONG post.

During our adventure, there was alot of this...

and alot of this...a little scary I know!! Be assured that no children were hurt during the snapping of this shot...just a fajita burrito from Barbacoa.

We had a talent show with many talents shared.

The kids went night sledding. What a blast! They were out there forever, and are all now sick. :)

We did alot of visiting

Played lots of games

Shelly and her "Jazz Hands". Mom had found Mel's old dance costume, and brought it for her to take home. So cute, and so TINY!

I even got a chance to wear the new footie jammies that Abby gave me for my birthday.


A little indoor football, and a mean game of 500 were played.

The next morning dad made the kids letter pancakes, and the adults his famous belgium waffles.....YUM!

After breakfast, the grandkids (except for Landon who had croupe) went on a block hunt.

What a haul....

They all got to cash their blocks in for a prize.

Luke just wanted to play with the blocks.

Checking out eachothers prizes...waiting for what was next...

YUP!! The zipline, and who do you ask went first??? GRAMMA!!!! Wahoo!! I know that she is glad that she did it, but I think she tinkeled in her pants a lil. ;)

Karson loved the zipline. I was very proud of how brave he was. He even remembered to open his eyes on the 2nd and 3rd time.

The only thing I would change is that Mark and Cori already had tickets for the Polar Express, and were not able to be there until late Friday night. They were missed. We (the daughters) have all decided that this really needs to be a new tradition. The memories made will last forever.

P.S. Gramma even took a sled run down the hill. I do have video, but was not sure she wants me to post such a thing. I could use it as blackmail... :)

Gettin Ready for the Man with the Bag...

I love this time of year around our house. This is my most favorite holiday to decorate for. That being said, I don't usually let my kids put the decorations on our big tree. I am just a little to obsessive about it...I know I am a kill joy, however, the kids do have their trees down stair that they can decorate to their hearts content. They are able to put all of the ornaments that they get from Gramma Debbie, and the keepsakes from school. I actually love to see what they create.

It makes me happy to just sit and listen to them recall memories as they unpack their ornaments...Abby remember this, or brother look at this one OOOHHHH!!!

It also seems to remind them of how good of friends they really are. I love to hear all of the encouraging words about how great the other one is doing, and how they love each others trees. I really do have great kids!!