Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Dancey Dance Time

You see, here at our house Yo Gabba Gabba is "Top Dog", "The Cat's Meow", the "Bees knees" if you will. Luke lives for it. One day Karson and Garrett decided to get in on the act. Jack Black was on this episode doing the "Disco Roll" dancey dance.

Up...down...up...down...up down....roll forward...now back. you get the picture. How do I know this you ask? I am in yo gabba gabba world all day every day.

Love my boys!!

Boy Scout Jamborall

Karson's pack went to the Boy Scout Jamborall this year, and I went as a volunteer making it known VERY loudly that I was only going to help, and that not in anyway did I want to be put in a scouting position...just not for me. All in all we had a really fun day.

I was really proud of my boy! He made it all the way to the top of the rock wall and rang the buzzer.

They had alot of fun activities for the boys.

A few of the boys let loose for a little square dancing. I think the band was relieved that someone was actually listening.

Kindergarten Field Trip

I was so excited to go on Abby's Kindergarten field trip to the Eccles Dinosaur Park. This is her class, they are such a fun group of kids.

This is the group of girls that another mom, and I were in charge of. They were adorable, and loved learning about, and exploring the park.

We hooked up for a little bit with our pals Brittani & McKade. They were in a different class, but it was fun to see them for a second, and after this fun filled day, Brittani and I went for a HUGE greasy cheeseburgers, and fries to detox. It was great.

I had a great time with my girl

At this point, I probably might have left them in a cage for a few. :)

We also ran into Ally at the end during play time. It's always a laught when these two get together.

Thanks princess for letting me share this time with you.

Rays Baseball

Karson played "REAL" baseball this year. Meaning that the boys actually pitched. I was surprised that he wanted to play, because he hadn't played since t-ball. But he did well at tryouts and was drafted in the first round to the Rays. The Rays were the HAPPIEST team in baseball, but had a not very winning season. The coach was a great guy who taught them a true love for the game. They cheered eachother on, and played so positively together. I only took the camera to the first game, but the boys did get alot better through out the season...the very LONG season. It about doubled in length due to rainouts. It seemed to only rain on the days the boys had a game. During the last game (2nd round of the playoffs) we sat through a down poor. But big Daddy, and I toughed it out in the rain cuz if our trembling 46 lb. boy can shiver out in short stop position, who are we to run and hide? :) Great memories!!

Spring Soccer

I am so behind on this silly blog, I am just getting farther behind so get ready for a million posts. Both Karson & Abby wanted to play soccer this year. But only Karson really played. Abby just showed up for the games for the treats. :) I think that I managed to capture a couple pics of her actually playing. Well not actually playing, but standing with her cute purple shorts, and pink socks. :)

The kids had fun, and really thats all that counts. Karson quite likes the sport, and had a fantastic coach this year.