Friday, December 10, 2010

Abby's Tonsils

Abby had her tonsils and adenoids out on November 14th. She was such a trooper that morning. She had taken a presurgey class, and was greeted that morning by Pretty Aunt Val who works at the hospital, and knows the Dr. She walked us up to surgery checkin. She's amazing, and I will always be so grateful for the calming effect that she had on both Abby and I.

Abby gettin her work up...

She was so excited about the jammies...NOT, but she still poses like always. She is holding her doll Holly that she made at the presurgery class. I have to admit to me Holly looks like a zombie, but she was good for Abby.

The girls just

trying to pass the time.

Dr. Abby giving Holly her shot

Here she is walking on her own SMILING on her way to the operating room. Have I mentioned how incredibly proud of Abby I was. She never did show that she was nervous. She was so agreeable the whole morning...tender mercies.

Waking up for Abby was not so fun. She was VERY sick to her stomach. She had also rolled over on her IV so the tube came out of the needle part, and was spurting blood everywhere which completely freaked her out. She was confused, and in pain. It was NOT fun.

It took everything she had to get a quarter of a popsicle down. The nurse said that she couldn't go home until she ate that half. I think we went through like 3 popsicles because she kept zoning out. :)

After ANOTHER dose of an anti nausea medication she was out. I was glad that she was sleeping, but she fell asleep right at the time the nurse said we could leave if she was alright. So we stayed for a while longer while she napped. I was so hoping that she would feel better, or at least less sick.

I finally begged the nurse to come and sit with her while a took a restroom break (sidenote Aaron had stayed with Luke) the restroom was right across the hall from her bed. And when I returned about 3 minutes later...this is what I saw. She was WIDE awake with her big brown eyes talking 900 words per minute. Mom I feel so much better, mom you were right if I went to sleep I would feel better, mom the nurse said if I drink this apple juice then we can go home. Another tender mercy.

The most precious part of this experience was when we got home. A friend had offered to have Karson over to play. When we got home the only thing that could comfort Abby was Karson. She just kept crying "I need Karson". I called Karson over at my friends house, and asked if I could come and get him for a minute to see her. I was expecting a fight, as he is beginning the tween fase, but he just answered sure mom. I remember fondly a time when these two were inseperable. As they have grown, they are still close but it's different. But just for a moment, I saw the "Best Friends" of old.

Abby's recovery took about two weeks. She didn't have alot of fun, and was never bored. She perked up just in time for Thanksgiving. We have alot to be thankful for.