Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The World through Luke's Eyes

Tank has been fasinated like most kids by the camera, and how he can capture images that he sees. I wanted to document a few of these before I delete them as there are hundreds. :)

This is one of my favorites. Tank loves Christmas, and would sit and just looks at the lights. He took this picture from the office.

One this morning the mountains were so beautiful, and had a new blanket of snow. I love that he was looking for the mountains inbetween the blinds.

I can't wait until Spring and we can get outside and let your imagination run wild along with everything else about you.

My "Smart" Birthday

I turned the Big 37 this year. Yikes...I also just became the "Old Lady" in Young Womens. Sigh... The kids were really sweet this year. We went ice skating at the Ice Sheet. Kaden was up staying for a couple of days, and I loved having him here.
The Richman's came over later that night for some treats.

Luke was sooo into this cake. I can't believe how grown up my babies look.

So at this VERY moment, I became the most popular girl in the room...need proof? Look at Abby's face. Big Daddy surprised me with an Iphone. I was scared to death.

But no need to fear....these kids would show me how to use it. I love my gift now, but was very intimidated for a moment, and my smart phone made me feel very "stupid".

All in all it was a beautiful day. I have learned to cherish days like this, as they will become less and less.