Friday, December 10, 2010

Abby's Tonsils

Abby had her tonsils and adenoids out on November 14th. She was such a trooper that morning. She had taken a presurgey class, and was greeted that morning by Pretty Aunt Val who works at the hospital, and knows the Dr. She walked us up to surgery checkin. She's amazing, and I will always be so grateful for the calming effect that she had on both Abby and I.

Abby gettin her work up...

She was so excited about the jammies...NOT, but she still poses like always. She is holding her doll Holly that she made at the presurgery class. I have to admit to me Holly looks like a zombie, but she was good for Abby.

The girls just

trying to pass the time.

Dr. Abby giving Holly her shot

Here she is walking on her own SMILING on her way to the operating room. Have I mentioned how incredibly proud of Abby I was. She never did show that she was nervous. She was so agreeable the whole morning...tender mercies.

Waking up for Abby was not so fun. She was VERY sick to her stomach. She had also rolled over on her IV so the tube came out of the needle part, and was spurting blood everywhere which completely freaked her out. She was confused, and in pain. It was NOT fun.

It took everything she had to get a quarter of a popsicle down. The nurse said that she couldn't go home until she ate that half. I think we went through like 3 popsicles because she kept zoning out. :)

After ANOTHER dose of an anti nausea medication she was out. I was glad that she was sleeping, but she fell asleep right at the time the nurse said we could leave if she was alright. So we stayed for a while longer while she napped. I was so hoping that she would feel better, or at least less sick.

I finally begged the nurse to come and sit with her while a took a restroom break (sidenote Aaron had stayed with Luke) the restroom was right across the hall from her bed. And when I returned about 3 minutes later...this is what I saw. She was WIDE awake with her big brown eyes talking 900 words per minute. Mom I feel so much better, mom you were right if I went to sleep I would feel better, mom the nurse said if I drink this apple juice then we can go home. Another tender mercy.

The most precious part of this experience was when we got home. A friend had offered to have Karson over to play. When we got home the only thing that could comfort Abby was Karson. She just kept crying "I need Karson". I called Karson over at my friends house, and asked if I could come and get him for a minute to see her. I was expecting a fight, as he is beginning the tween fase, but he just answered sure mom. I remember fondly a time when these two were inseperable. As they have grown, they are still close but it's different. But just for a moment, I saw the "Best Friends" of old.

Abby's recovery took about two weeks. She didn't have alot of fun, and was never bored. She perked up just in time for Thanksgiving. We have alot to be thankful for.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Livin on a Prayer...

Karson and I were able to have a fun night out with our friends T & T. Bon Jovi did a live concert movie. Teri thought it would be fun to take the boys who are also big Bon Jovi fans.

I think the boys' excitement was a little much for the fuddy duddy's there. They were adorable dancing around, and whaling the words of the songs.

Aaron was nice and used some of his points to get us a hotel room for the night. We let the boys skip school, and just had a fun relaxing time. What's better than a best buddie, and hot chocolate?

The boys swam the morning away. Karson and I are very lucky to have such fun friends to be goofy with. Love you T & T!

Halloween 2010

Halloween 2010 was an eventful one...the kids I have to say (as a super proud mama) looked adorable. It was fun to have a sort of theme this year.

We all met at Grama Debbie's house to invade their annual truck or treat. This is the whole troup.

It was pouring so the truck or treat was cancelled. We went to dinner at a cute little pizza place in Highland, and were then gonna head back to the house to trick or treat inside.

I wasn't aware in this picture of the evil germ that was taking over my little referee until about 10 minutes later when he puked all over himself, me and the floor. :/

When we got back to Gramma's & Grampa's the rain had stopped and kids were out, but Luke was still pukey so the auntie's took the kids trick or treating around the neighborhood so it wouldn't be the worst Halloween ever. :)

Friday, November 19, 2010

Karson (In his own words)

Tonight I found my lil guy on the computer. Instead of looking at toys, and trying to condense his Christmas list which consists of among other things a Nintendo DS like I had suggested he do. I asked him what he was up to, and he told me that he was writing "His side of the story." It is too sweet not to post. I love this boy with everything that I am. He is my first, my peacemaker. Karson is such a great friend always kind to everyone. He also has personality plus. I am so grateful to be his mom! So without further adeaus...

My side

By: Karson Kunz

My favorite things are soccer, videogames, iceskating, pokemoncards, and bakugan.
My motto … ride to success.
My favorite movies how to train your dragon, pokemon, bakugan, last but not least hatching pete.
My favorite foods hot and sour soup, mushrooms, tomato basile, and indianfood.
My family… dad: Aaron Mom: Kristi sis: Abby who got her tonsils out 4 days ago and Bro: Luke.
My dogs are gentile giants but sometimes rough.
There names: Mack, and Graci.
Im in 4th grade. I have a good Teacher named Mrs.Whinam.
My friend Joal is teaching me the basics of football.
I love word searches. When Im mad they calm me down.
My favorite stuffed animals… TREEKO, YOYO, AND SCOTTY.
My favorite animals… mantarays, and trantulas.
My favorite holiday is Chirstmas,
My best friend is named Corbin Latimer but I don’t get to see him much because he lives in West Jordan and I live in South Weber but we see eachother every once in a while.
Myfavorite videogames are: ps3, ps2, gameboy, bakugan, starwars, skidoo, ememarld, and spiro.
My favorite books are: Percy Jackson, hunger games, and leven thumps.
My favorite color is turquoise and green.
My least favorite Math: algebra my favorite math: addition.
I go to school in the 3 through 6 building because im not 1, 2, or3
My favorite board games are pokemon monopoly, and battle
I love to swim and sing.
My goal is to grow to 5’6 so I can get a celphone.
Im saving up for a ds and games.
My best friends are: Jackson Floyde, Kaleb Zick, Joal Jennings, Keldan Vanleer,Taylor Hatch, austyn Weaver, and best of all Corbin Latimer.
In my spare time I play my red electric guitar.
At recess I play bench tag. The bench is base and if you touch the middle base your it. But if you do it on purpose your not it. The date is 11/19/10

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

OUR Superbowl 2010...

October 17, 2010...picture it...the match up we wait for all year had arrived, only this year it got bigger. We are VERY much Minnesota Vikings fans, through thick and thin we stand by those knuckleheads. We decided after the crushing blow that the Viking's gave to "America's Team" the Dallas Cowboys last season, AND how truely uncomfortable the game was to watch with just poor Ryan we decided to turn up the volume if you will and have a few more Cowboy fans over...

I told Mel that she had to use this pic as her Christmas card this year...

These cute people are our neighbors the Skousen's. The girls could care less really about football, and Mike is a Niners fan...but cute Sam, and Max are Cowboy fans all the way. Love these guys!

Luke was just giddy he loves having a "potty" (party)

We were waiting on Lyman's to arrive...Sam decided to take in a lil Diego before the big game. :) Kiddin Sam. This kid is so cute. The boys watch down stairs, and the girls tried to watch the game, and the kids upstairs. The boys were a little ahead in the broadcast downstairs (we recorded the game to watch all together) so everytime the Cowboys did something GREAT Sam would very casually make his way upstairs to give me a "What...What???" We had quite a lot of back and forth.

We had a great spred, and everyone was sick by the time it was over...Here are the guys enjoying what will be another Viking victory. :)

I had so much fun visiting with "My Girls". We are truely blessed to have such great family and friends so close. It was a Great Day!

BTW Viking's took the game 24-21.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

1st Day of School

"You can teach a student a lesson for a day; but if you teach him to learn by creating curiosity, he will continue the learning process as long as he lives." ~Clay P. Bedford

I can't believe that its that time of year again. This summer was crazy busy, and went by too fast. My kids are super excited for their teachers this year.

Such cute kids all of them. We were lucky to have Garrett and Ally there to start the first day with us.

Watch out you 3rd & 4th grade ladies...the humerous part is the 3rd grader is on the right. I gotta tiny one with lots of personality. :)

There he goes...

and there she goes...sigh

Have a great year kiddos!

South Weber Days..

I soooo love our little town. We were able this year for the first time since moving here to participate in some of the activities of South Weber Days. Pammy was visiting, and had the exciting experience of the parade. The whole town seemed to be fun!

Luke ready to get his haul of candy...this is a VERY big deal to him. :)

Aside from how cute I think it is to see Garrett out begging for a tootsie roll, I love this picture because it shows both spectrums of our town...the new zippy sports car, followed by the old stinky tractor driven by the cutest old man I have ever seen.

Abby & Ally were in the parade, and rode on the Sunset Jr. Cheer float. They also danced that day at the celebration in the park. They did a great job~

And is a parade even a parade without the Shriner's? Karson thought these little cars were the best...he was so excited to get a high five from the driver.

Later in the park Karson took part in "Anything Goes". It's a team activity going through several different time wins. This is Karson's fun team. These kids are all a blast, they didn't win a prize, but had a fantastic time.

Until next year SW Days...maybe we'll talk Tank into Mutten Bustin...who knows.

Day out with "The Boys"

I was lucky enough this summer to have some of my favorites boys in one place with me. We decided to take a trip out to Antelope Island.

It was late spring and alot of the buffalo were up in the hills havin babies, so we didn't get very close to any, but we did see an antelope.

We hung out for a while at the settlement. I love to go out there and just enjoy the silence. The boys had fun on the wooden steer practicing their skills. :)

We also went around to the other side of the Island where if you didn't know better, you'd think you were on the coast. It was a beautiful windy day.

I love Luke's hair in this picture...such lovely locks.

Thanks for such a fun day boys. I love making memories with you!

Abby's Kinder"Garden" Program

Abby's class program was adorable. They talked and sung about their class as a garden, and each flower was an important part. So cute!

Abby with Mrs. Dopp. I won't ever be able to thank her enough for making this such a great year for a little girl who would already rather do almost anything else than go to school. Thanks Kristi

Abby by her Garden flower, and her cute cast.

First and ONLY "Break" of the Summer

I am so far behind on postings! So this luckily I can say was our ONLY broken bone of the summer...thank goodness! And poor Abby..this is her second broken arm. We think that she fractured her arm at her kindergarten graduation party at Classic Fun on the bounce houses....let me say that I LOVE Classic, and we went back the day she got her cast off, before her appt for playgroup. Anyhoo...Abby compained of her arm hurting, and being the BIGGEST contender for mother of the year told her to shrug it off, and go play. Well, she did...for the next 5 yes 5 days! I need to also say that she was USING her arm. The only time she complained was if I was to guide her gently to her room or something like that. :)

On Monday night, I came home from running errands, and Aaron said I think we may have a problem...Karson and Abby were get the picture. So I took her to an IHC facility, that turned us away because it was too close to closing NICE right a six year old..I won't go into my distain for IHC now, maybe later. I took her home wondering what to do, and she started to say that her arm felt better, and that she was fine. She was using it and had full range of motion. I was so tired and confused, but decided to take her to WeeCare anyway. As we are checking in at the dest for a "broken arm" here is my angel leaning with her elbows on the counter, and her wrists under her chin...on her "broken arm" I was about ready to cry...but I was there, and the girl said that the Dr. wouldn't x-ray if he didn't think it was necessary.

The Dr. gave a thorough exam of her arm, and said I think were alright, then had her twist...that's when she felt "uncomfortable". Yadda yadda yadda x-ray...broken arm. They wrapped her arm in the standard hard splint, and I was on pins and needles until she was able to get a hard cast. You see, the girl doesn't sit still for a second. I came home one night to her riding her fourwheeler with the splint on. YIKES!! Thank you for bearing with me during my lengthy story. This is basically my journal, and I don't want to leave out any detail.

Abby got a beautiful purple cast, we went to Michaels and got some glitter spray paint to make it sparkle. Well that cast lasted for a week before she broke the cast...literally. In the kindergarten post you will see some beautiful HOT PINK wrap that they had to use to reenforce this cast. My little Tom Boy...the great thing was, was that it didn't slow her down a bit. Love my girl!