Wednesday, March 31, 2010

A "Check yourself" Mom Moment...

Boy did I start today off on the wrong foot. We woke up late, so I was rushing the kids around trying to get ready for school. The kids were in a great mood, which I quickly ruined.
Abby had put on a sweater, and zipped it up, then proceeded to break the zipper by pulling it apart from the bottom. ARG!!! I told her just to wear it unzipped.
Karson had a quick breakfast of a loft house cookie and apple juice (Nice right?) and had little sprinkles all over the place.
I LOST IT! I went on this diatribe of how I was not thier maid, or there to find thier shoes, or fix their clothing, and how money doesn't grow on trees when Abby had big aligator tears running down her cheeks...she says.."Mommy, I KNOW that money doesn't grow on trees...Apples do...and peaches, but NOT money.
I realized then as I looked into their sad little brown eyes, that indeed I AM their maid, and I need to help them find their shoes, and fix thier clothes. I am grateful that I am! But most of all I am their mother, and I needed to check myself. I was setting the tone for their whole day! So we stopped, and talked, and hugged, and cried. I asked them to forgive me, and we started over. I am so blessed to have the children that I do. Thanks for setting me straight.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Happy Anniversary Baby

Look at these two KIDS!!! I can't believe that so much time has passed. This was taken just before we got engaged at my Gramma Horan's birthday party at "The Del". So in love, I had no idea that about three weeks later this hot lil number would ask me to be his wife.

The day was "Lucky" they say. The reason we picked this particular last weekend of March is because the weather is ALWAYS beautiful, or so we were told. After the ceremony, we were on our way to the Murray Mansion for the reception, and it started to snow through the sun rays. We were told if it snows on the day of your wedding it would bring you good fortune. Well... were still together, and have three incredible little humans that we created together, so I'd say were VERY lucky!

I love you baby! I am so glad that we found eachother, and can't wait for the next 15 years. All my love...K

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

3rd grade Program

Last night was Karson's 3rd Grade Program. It was called "Wonders of the World" It had a Caribbean theme. Karson was not thrilled with all of the dances, as he had to "Hula" in one...not his fav. This clip is from a song called "The Ocean's Alive"

Karson had the opportunity to play the xylophone in one of the songs. Karson has had a great year and made lots of new friends. Here is one of them...T.H. His mom also happens to be pretty stinkin awesome herself. Love you guys..Sorry Chi-town, they're ours now!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Kira~ was born on September 10, 1998, and went back to heaven to play again with YoYo on March 9, 2010. Kira was our first "child" and was really our baby for alot of years before we were able to have kids. She lived a very happy life, and would fetch a ball for hours on end. Even in the last few days of her life, she loved to play ball, her body just got tired.

The kids and I were in St. George when Aaron called and said that she had taken a fall and was in pretty bad shape. Her back legs just didn't work anymore, so when she fell, and hurt her front legs we knew it was time. It was so hard to tell Aaron to let her go without being there, but it was what was best for her.

Aaron took her and she was very calm. The vet said that the medicine would take anywhere from 2-5 minutes to work, and she was gone even before one minute was up. She was ready! In looking back, I am glad that Aaron had the rest of that day to himself, because we were both a mess. After the kids and I got the news that she was gone, we said a prayer. Karson asked that "Uncle Greg could find her and take care of her, and make sure she was happy, and had the happy life she did when she was young", and Abby prayed that" YoYo and Kira could play together" yup...totally an easy one to get through. :) When the two dogs were younger they would have "wars" where they would chase eachother around the backyard. Well now every thunder storm we hear will be them having their wars.
Two very special friends brought flowers over when I got home. I am so blessed to have such wonderful caring people in my life. They are both my favorite colors and have and are still brightening my day! Love you guys!!

This post may seem a little silly to some, but she really was my first baby, and she is missed terribly.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Star of the Week...

Another year has come and gone. I remember how excited I used to get for birthday's. Abby had her 6th birthday this last week. Her birthday week started off as "Star of the Week" in her Kindergarten class. I made this poster for her. I just loaded it up with all of my favorite pictures of her. I think I might even frame it, and put it in her room.

The Birthday girl on her big day. She took "chocolate brownies" as her treat to school.

This is Abby with her teacher Mrs. Dopp. She is absolutely the best!

We went to lunch with Melissa and Ally. These two are truely trouble.

The Richman's came over for cake and icecream. We didn't have a big party this year. We are trying to teach simplification and that they don't need to have a friend party every year. I think that she finally got that we really were NOT letting her have a friend party the day before her big day. Silly girl.

Happy Birthday Princess! We love you