Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Star of the Week...

Another year has come and gone. I remember how excited I used to get for birthday's. Abby had her 6th birthday this last week. Her birthday week started off as "Star of the Week" in her Kindergarten class. I made this poster for her. I just loaded it up with all of my favorite pictures of her. I think I might even frame it, and put it in her room.

The Birthday girl on her big day. She took "chocolate brownies" as her treat to school.

This is Abby with her teacher Mrs. Dopp. She is absolutely the best!

We went to lunch with Melissa and Ally. These two are truely trouble.

The Richman's came over for cake and icecream. We didn't have a big party this year. We are trying to teach simplification and that they don't need to have a friend party every year. I think that she finally got that we really were NOT letting her have a friend party the day before her big day. Silly girl.

Happy Birthday Princess! We love you


Collings Family said...

I just saw Abby at school the other day and she was as cute as ever. Love that gal!

Kristi said...

Hey I have been blog hopping and came across your blog. I love that little Abby. Thanks for all you do Kristi.

Ashlee Swensen said...

Happy Birthday you darling thing! She is seriously so cut you better keep a close eye on that one.