Saturday, September 26, 2009

What a day....

What a treat I had last week. Mom is down in Ivins, and dad is living a bachelor lifestyle for the moment. With church and household responsibilities, he has not had as much "Freetime" as he thought he would have. But the kids and I were able to benefit from a super fun visit.

Those of you who know dad also know that he very much dislikes sleeping away from home. But he was coming up to visit Mel and her kids, and then we had planned a bike ride for the next I offered to have him sleepover. Well....hold on to your briches.....HE SAID "I'll do it." So we had a very fun night with the kids and then with a lil help from Sis, and a great neighbor who had the kids, dad and I were able to take a ride up the Weber/Morgan canyon, and then around to Huntsville, and then coming out in Ogden Canyon.

Being on the bike always makes me appreciate the beautiful gifts that our Heavenly Father has surrounded up with. And I could not beat the company. I am so surprised that the pictures turned out because most of them were taken while we were riding. We ended up at Madox Restaurant in Brigham city. WOW!! I had never been there. The food was wonderful, we ended with the best peach pie ever. We loaded up some fresh Brigham City peaches in the saddle bags (the ones on the bike...not mine :)), and headed back.

Thank you dad for such a memorable day. I love you so much, and am so grateful for these times that we can share together...just you and me. Can't wait for our road trip!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Luke's latest

My poor little tank has had cronic ear infections for the last about 6 months. He has had several ruptured eardrums, and the Dr. was worried that his hearing was being affected, so...tubes. We had a 6:00 am checkin at Primary Children's. This first pic is Luke and his little friend "R" who was in for basically a skull reformation surgery. This place is so full of miracles, but I have to admit that I cried for his mom as the surgeons took him away, and said a prayer of thanks that Luke had such an easy procedure in store for him.


Realizing he was not there for a sticker.

Tank and mom waiting for the nurse to take us to the surgical waiting room.

Anyone who knows me knows that I love these hospital socks. I was very jealous of them. Cute lil toes, and I.D. badge.

Here is my cute happy boy in the surgical waiting room. Shortly after this pic, they gave him a "Happy Purple Cup" It totally knocked him for a loop. I have pics of this but will keep them to ourselves. :)
The surgery went off without a hitch, and after a nap Tank was a totally different boy. He is already talking and singing alot more. I feel so blessed to live in a time of this modern medicine.

A new love of Soccer

Karson has discovered a new love....SOCCER! He decided that he wanted to play this fall, and loves it. He seems to be a natural, or would be if he would quit doing flips and jedi moves down the field. He's got a great coach, who is really teaching him the love of the game. It's fun to attend these games in our small town. It is like a family reunion. The mountains are beautiful, and the jets from the Airforce base often buzz the field. I could however, do without the rain. :D

She's in HeAvEn

I have to tell you what cute girls we have next door to us on BOTH sides. Maddie and Kati have really adopted Abby. The other day, the girls came over in the morning before school and did Abby's hair. She was in heaven. I am so thankful for these little ladies.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

1st day of School

It's that time of year again...the kids are so excited to start their new year. Both of them have fantastic teachers. The kindergarten started a week later that the rest of the kids so they each had different 1st days.
Karson looks so handsome. What a grown up 3rd grader.

Abby just returning home from Kindergarten orientation. The school divided this year, and has a brand new K-2 center. So those grades get to attend a Brand New school. It is amazing!
This is my princess on her first official day of kindergarten.

It is so scary to yet again send the kids off into a world that I really have no control over. I pray every night that they will be stong enough, and that I have taught them well enough to be their own person, to uplift others, and in return have others uplift them. I am also really excited for the one on one time with Luke. I feel like I missed alot of bonding time with him. He is so much fun right now. I am so blessed!

End of Summer...

So...before everyone went their seperate ways, and restarted their busy lives, grama and grampa hosted an end of summer sleepover. Brynlee had already started school, so they were not able to come, the Fugal's were sorely missed. We started off with a campfire in the pasture. Abby and Ally had the diva attitudes as usual, and were having a blast.

Grama had a cute craft for each of the kids to do. They got to make a cute visor, complete with letters.
Luke took a tumble off of the table while crafting, and got a sweet lil goose egg.

Most of us slept outside in the backyard. Here Chase (who was really sleeping) Kaden, and Karson are demonstrating see no evil, hear no evil, and speak no evil. It was a great time!

The next morning we went to the Lake with Grampa. You could wade out so far that Luke was able to walk about 500 yards out. It was very muddy, and kinda gross, but fun was had by all!!!

Thanks to Grama and Grampa for all the planning, and fun! Love you guys.