Wednesday, September 2, 2009

End of Summer...

So...before everyone went their seperate ways, and restarted their busy lives, grama and grampa hosted an end of summer sleepover. Brynlee had already started school, so they were not able to come, the Fugal's were sorely missed. We started off with a campfire in the pasture. Abby and Ally had the diva attitudes as usual, and were having a blast.

Grama had a cute craft for each of the kids to do. They got to make a cute visor, complete with letters.
Luke took a tumble off of the table while crafting, and got a sweet lil goose egg.

Most of us slept outside in the backyard. Here Chase (who was really sleeping) Kaden, and Karson are demonstrating see no evil, hear no evil, and speak no evil. It was a great time!

The next morning we went to the Lake with Grampa. You could wade out so far that Luke was able to walk about 500 yards out. It was very muddy, and kinda gross, but fun was had by all!!!

Thanks to Grama and Grampa for all the planning, and fun! Love you guys.

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Pam said...

Ha ha! That really was fun! I feel a tradition in the making!!