Wednesday, September 2, 2009

1st day of School

It's that time of year again...the kids are so excited to start their new year. Both of them have fantastic teachers. The kindergarten started a week later that the rest of the kids so they each had different 1st days.
Karson looks so handsome. What a grown up 3rd grader.

Abby just returning home from Kindergarten orientation. The school divided this year, and has a brand new K-2 center. So those grades get to attend a Brand New school. It is amazing!
This is my princess on her first official day of kindergarten.

It is so scary to yet again send the kids off into a world that I really have no control over. I pray every night that they will be stong enough, and that I have taught them well enough to be their own person, to uplift others, and in return have others uplift them. I am also really excited for the one on one time with Luke. I feel like I missed alot of bonding time with him. He is so much fun right now. I am so blessed!

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Pam said...

They both really look so big! I don't think I like it!