Saturday, November 27, 2010

Halloween 2010

Halloween 2010 was an eventful one...the kids I have to say (as a super proud mama) looked adorable. It was fun to have a sort of theme this year.

We all met at Grama Debbie's house to invade their annual truck or treat. This is the whole troup.

It was pouring so the truck or treat was cancelled. We went to dinner at a cute little pizza place in Highland, and were then gonna head back to the house to trick or treat inside.

I wasn't aware in this picture of the evil germ that was taking over my little referee until about 10 minutes later when he puked all over himself, me and the floor. :/

When we got back to Gramma's & Grampa's the rain had stopped and kids were out, but Luke was still pukey so the auntie's took the kids trick or treating around the neighborhood so it wouldn't be the worst Halloween ever. :)

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