Tuesday, September 7, 2010

First and ONLY "Break" of the Summer

I am so far behind on postings! So this luckily I can say was our ONLY broken bone of the summer...thank goodness! And poor Abby..this is her second broken arm. We think that she fractured her arm at her kindergarten graduation party at Classic Fun on the bounce houses....let me say that I LOVE Classic, and we went back the day she got her cast off, before her appt for playgroup. Anyhoo...Abby compained of her arm hurting, and being the BIGGEST contender for mother of the year told her to shrug it off, and go play. Well, she did...for the next 5 yes 5 days! I need to also say that she was USING her arm. The only time she complained was if I was to guide her gently to her room or something like that. :)

On Monday night, I came home from running errands, and Aaron said I think we may have a problem...Karson and Abby were wrestling...swelling...you get the picture. So I took her to an IHC facility, that turned us away because it was too close to closing NICE right a six year old..I won't go into my distain for IHC now, maybe later. I took her home wondering what to do, and she started to say that her arm felt better, and that she was fine. She was using it and had full range of motion. I was so tired and confused, but decided to take her to WeeCare anyway. As we are checking in at the dest for a "broken arm" here is my angel leaning with her elbows on the counter, and her wrists under her chin...on her "broken arm" I was about ready to cry...but I was there, and the girl said that the Dr. wouldn't x-ray if he didn't think it was necessary.

The Dr. gave a thorough exam of her arm, and said I think were alright, then had her twist...that's when she felt "uncomfortable". Yadda yadda yadda x-ray...broken arm. They wrapped her arm in the standard hard splint, and I was on pins and needles until she was able to get a hard cast. You see, the girl doesn't sit still for a second. I came home one night to her riding her fourwheeler with the splint on. YIKES!! Thank you for bearing with me during my lengthy story. This is basically my journal, and I don't want to leave out any detail.

Abby got a beautiful purple cast, we went to Michaels and got some glitter spray paint to make it sparkle. Well that cast lasted for a week before she broke the cast...literally. In the kindergarten post you will see some beautiful HOT PINK wrap that they had to use to reenforce this cast. My little Tom Boy...the great thing was, was that it didn't slow her down a bit. Love my girl!

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