Thursday, January 7, 2010

The Newest Addition to Our Family

As many of you know...we are TOTAL dog people. To be more specific German Shepherd people. After our YoYo died we got Mack the mut (Shepherd/Lab/Pit), and love the little bugger. Kira is in the Winter season of her life, and as we say our final goodbyes we want her to be comfy. Mack is 2, and VERY active. I saw an ad for Gracie on line, and couldn't resist. She is a year old, is crate trained, microshipped, spayed, and trained to stay, sit, and lay with hand signals. All of the hard work was done by someone else. :) She has had a rough go of things for a couple of months, and was very sketchy, but has adapted to our family so well in just a day.

Mack is in seventh heaven. They already have "wars" like Kira and YoYo used to. It's really fun to see. And hopefully Kira will be able to live out her days in peace, and maybe teach Gracie a thing or two about being "The Best Dog Ever".

It's gonna be REAL crazy at our house for a while, but the kids are loving every minute of it...just wish I was so sure. :)


Jeron & Brook said...

I wish I had the courage to get another dog. I know Ty would love it but I just can't take the plung yet! Maybe one day!

Anonymous said...

Oh, another granddaughter!!!
Welcome Gracie - we love you already!! See you soon, love,
Grandma Debbie