Thursday, January 21, 2010

The lesson I tried to teach, was my lesson to learn...

I want to start by saying that I am so proud of the young man that Karson is becoming. He amazes me everyday with his wit, and wisdom far beyond his almost 9 years.

The story starts about a week ago when I was pulled over for speeding. It had been years since I had been pulled over and I was a little frazzled...not to mention looking like a million bucks. It was one of those days I was lucky to replace my scrubs with jeans before I went to pick Abby up from dance. Anyhoo... I ended up only getting a warning for the speeding, but WAS issued a ticket for not having my registration certificate in the car, and get EXPIRED drivers license. Well tonight was when I was to appear before the judge which is another part to the story because the officer issued the ticket to say that I had NEVER had a license to begin with. OOPS...

So I was able to talk to the prosecuting attorney, I showed him my newly attained current license, and registration cert. He actually said that he had been in my same situation before, and because I brought everything in, he was going to dismiss both of the charges. WONDERFUL!!!!! So as Karson and I are waiting to appear before the judge again for the attorney to dismiss the charges the following conversation takes place.

Karson: Mom, your drivers license WAS expired right?

Mom: Yes Kars, but the attorney was nice enough to let us off the hook, it's okay for him to do's all right.

Karson: Mom, I really think that you need to pay the fine.

Mom (to herself): Are you freakin kidding me? Angel, Devil, Angel, Devil...after a few minutes, and asking Karson if he was sure SEVERAL times (I was actually trying to debate with an almost 9 year old.)

Alright Karson your right, I should pay the fine.

As a side note, I MADE Karson go with me to court for moral support, and to learn what happens when you break laws, and rules. Do ya think I was wishen he stayed home...who's to say, but he taught me a valuable lesson.

So I was called before the judge, and the attorney moved to dismiss the charges, I said "Excuse me your honor, on the advise of my attorney I have decided to plead GUILTY to driving on an expired license, and would like to pay the fine." The judge, prosecuting attorney, balif, clerk, and all others waiting to see the judge burst into laughter. The judge said referring to Karson "That little guy?" I then said "Yes your honor". Smiling, he then ordered me to pay my $30.00 fine and we were on our way.

The moral of this story is...Don't start trying to teach your child a lesson unless your really prepared to follow through. I may be out $30.00 but I am raising a son who will have a great impact on our future. We must be doing something right.
I love you Karson! Lesson learned.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

The Newest Addition to Our Family

As many of you know...we are TOTAL dog people. To be more specific German Shepherd people. After our YoYo died we got Mack the mut (Shepherd/Lab/Pit), and love the little bugger. Kira is in the Winter season of her life, and as we say our final goodbyes we want her to be comfy. Mack is 2, and VERY active. I saw an ad for Gracie on line, and couldn't resist. She is a year old, is crate trained, microshipped, spayed, and trained to stay, sit, and lay with hand signals. All of the hard work was done by someone else. :) She has had a rough go of things for a couple of months, and was very sketchy, but has adapted to our family so well in just a day.

Mack is in seventh heaven. They already have "wars" like Kira and YoYo used to. It's really fun to see. And hopefully Kira will be able to live out her days in peace, and maybe teach Gracie a thing or two about being "The Best Dog Ever".

It's gonna be REAL crazy at our house for a while, but the kids are loving every minute of it...just wish I was so sure. :)

Christmas 2009

We had a wonderful Christmas this year. I really think that it's the first year that the kids really understood what Christmas was all about. They each got their Christmas jammies on Christmas Eve.

Karson wanted to be the one to read from the Bible, and he did a wonderful job.

Karson made sure to write Santa a pre-gift Thank you note and put it up in the tree. I am so proud of him, and glad he's still a believer in the magic.

The kids were VERY easy on Santa this year. Karson asked for a German Shepherd webkin...he named him YoYo. Abby asked for "Noisy Red Shoes", and Luke loves that Backyardigans, so he got a talking/dancing Pablo. The stockings were stuffed with all sorts of fun treats.

That afternoon we went to Gramma & Grampa Bishops house. It was alot of Madness, and even more fun!! Gramma made all of the kids pillow cases, and the girls darling twirly skirts with matching hair flowers. She is amazing!

A few days later we went to Yia Yia & PaPa's place. Ham, German Potato Salad and all of the fixins...YUMMY! The kids were thrilled with the presents. Alot of thought went into the individual kids, and they hit the nail on the head with all of them. However, all Yia Yia wanted for Christmas was a nice picture of the Grandkids. This is the result. Poor Tommy! :) Maybe next year.

We were also able to adopt 3 Angels from the Angel Tree at Aaron's work. Aaron picked kids that are our kids' ages. It was fun for each of them to shop for the kids, and gain a better understanding of just how blessed we are. I hope that Juan, Wendy, and Deigo had a Merry Christmas! We have been very blessed this year, and are looking forward to the year ahead. We wish you all a very Happy New Year.