Friday, July 4, 2008


What better way to start our families blog than with a fun summer tradition. Every year my kids await the stromberry harvest at the Bishop's house (my mom and dad's). The kids love to go out with Grandpa and find the biggest, reddest berries and, eat them on the spot.
And of course mom had to get in on the fun too.
All done for this year.....shucks.!!! Thanks Grammy and Granpa.

Please don't forget to notice that the kids have the most awsome haircuts in the world.......... Auntie Pammy Rocks!!!!


Pam said...

Oh boy!! What a surprise! Aren't you and your kids cute?! Ah ha! Thanks for coming to hang out was fun! Love you guys!

Anderson Family said...

How cute! You did such a good job with this blog entry pam.....oh I mean Kristi! Good work on the hair as usual Pam! Looks like you guys had a blast! Love ya

Kris said...

Ok BRAT!!! This one was almost all me. :) Thanks Pam

Corinne said...

As Landon says..."ooooh! Wauhw!! (wow) I'm so impressed. Don't be disappointed if it doesn't last though. I only blog when Shelly tells me to. :-) j/k Welcome to blogland!!

Brittany Fischer said...

What a cute bunch of kids. I sure do miss you guys! I am exicited that you have a blog, now since we never see each other we'll still be able to stay in touch!