Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Fun at the Zoo times 2

I will apologize now for all of the pictures, but this is a compilation of two Zoo trips. Our first trip was with Cori, Brynlee, and Landon. We were at the zoo a total of 3 YES 3 hours, and only got down to the new Conservation Carousel. So for all you you who know the zoo...not that far. These monkeys are usually always a treat, but today they were extra goofy swinging all over the chainlink fence.
Luke is happy where ever we go!!! As long as it's outside.
Cori, Brynlee, Landon, and the annoying people next to us while waiting for the elephant show to start.
This is the new Conservation Carousel. The ride isn't long, but the animals are super neat, and most of the procedes go toward the zoos conservation projects, so for us, it's well worth the money.
Being that it was a "chilly" 101 degrees that day, the elephant show consisted of playing with a fire hose. These elephants were so cute!!! They loved the water.
Our good friend Doug is the lead elephant trainer at the zoo, and was kind enough to pose for photo's, kiss babies, the whole bit!!! We Love Doug!!! I miss Karen....
So the second time, I was suppose to work a promotion for Karson's acting school at the zoo, so Aaron decided to take the kids around the zoo for a couple of hours. Melissa and her mother-in-law Linda were there with the kids, (and the best lunch ever!!!! Thanks Linda) So we got to play with them for a while.

The tiger was of course napping, but I can never get over how big he is. BEAUTIFUL
Abby and Karson decided to use the zoo's new misters and their personnal showers.
Oh did they feel nice!!!
And finally at the end of another very hot day.......THE MELT DOWN!!!!


Anderson Family said...

Looks like I missed another fun day!! Oh well, I guess you'll just have to endure another day at the zoo when I come up next! That is the cutest picture of Luke!! I'm glad you finally updated you blog. I was getting a little bored!!

Pam said...

I love it! I love that you posted so many pictures! All of them are so cute!! I know that I saw you two days ago...but I miss you guys! I'll have to come swimming before you move! Love you!

Ryan said...

We had a lot of fun. It was such a big surprise to see the whole family. It was fun to see the kids and walk around for a bit. Can't wait to see you tomorrow.
Love ya,