Wednesday, October 8, 2008

It's Finally Moving Day!!!

Hurray, the day was finally here.  We woke up last Saturday morning with lots of excitement for our moving day ahead, and we saw this.

In addition to the beautiful canyon winds, we get cold temps and total down poor, but don't the mountains look beautiful!!!  
This is our new house
Can you tell Aaron is having fun?  Ryan and Melissa were such great sports, and so gracious during our stay with them..we totally felt at home (maybe a little too much). Again with the lines!!
Luke decided to start crawling the night that we moved into the house, a little bitter sweet because I feel like I've missed alot during this.  He is such a wonderful and happy baby.
The kids had a blast and were very good to keep out of trouble for the most part.
It took two loads from storage, and one load from Melissa's to get the job done....Aaron says I have too many "Trinkets".
This is the view from our house on Sunday, the mountain were beautiful with a new dusting of snow.  It's so beautiful here, and we feel so blessed to be here, and know that this is where we were supposed to move.
I can't imagine waking up to anything more beautiful.  What a beautiful gift!! So yes we are still alive, and slowly starting to get back to normal.  We can't wait for everyone to come up and visit.  Thanks again mom for helping me get the house ready.  I wanted to take pics of that, but I was threatened with my life.  We had a great time.  Mel, Ryan, Garrett, and Ally..Thank you for sharing your space with us, and making us feel so welcome.  We love you


Pam said...

Oh my heart. Why oh why did you have to move half a world away? For cryin! Sorry again I had to work on Sat. I'm way excited to come see it. Love you, and I'll see you tomorrow....No more roots, yeah!!

Melissa Richman said...

I am so glad my best friend moved closer to me! I love you all. It was quite the fun adventure to have all of us live in the same house. I am proud of us that we did so well and we are both still alive. Love your guts!

Jamie said...

Your house is beautiful Kristi. I am a little envious. You have a great view too. I can't wait to come up and see it. I sure do miss you being down the street. Love you.