Thursday, October 9, 2008

Luke's First Haircut!

Hey everyone, it's Pam. Since Kristi's computer situation is very...uh...non-existant, she asked me to post about Luke's first haircut. Poor little guy. I couldn't even get his shirt off. That probably took the longest since Kris was being so helpful!His before hair. I was letting him touch the clippers so he wouldn't freak out as bad...but did that help? Nope.
Seriously, that was a nice save. The kid was going down, and I managed to keep his hair and my clippers and save Luke's life (since Kristi was being just as helpful as before)!
Oh, the screaming begins. Notice his left hand clawing my arm. He has a nice set of lungs, poor little guy.
Oh boy, all done! Isn't he handsome? He wasn't very happy but being the good baby that he is, he perked up in no time.

Thanks for coming down and letting me do the honors. Love you guys!


Melissa Richman said...

Pammy, your the best!!!! Love you, and never in a million years would I let anyone else do the honors.

Love you

Anderson Family said...

Pam really did good job for the fight he put up! I don't think you would know what to do if one of your kids didn't put up a huge fight! Looks like you were as much help as I usually am!! He looks so cute. I am excited to see you guys on Sat. Love you!

P.S. I think it's funny that you commented on your own blog to someone else! You're funny!