Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Abby's Preschool Graduation

My baby girl had her pre-school graduation last Thursday. She was so excited for us to see her program, and now I can see why. It was fantastic. The kids had learned songs all year long for it. They were a hoot. In this picture Abby is singing the 5 little pumpkins song. She was the 3rd pumpkins who said "Well I don't care!" which was delivered with a lil hip swagger.

In school they learned about different places and countries. Abby got to represent Hawaii. She was so excited, and loves to Hula.

She looks so grown up, and I have to say...I got a little tearie thinking that time is flying too fast, and that in not too many years I will be taking pics of her High School Graduation.

Here are the proud parents with the graduate.

Cute Gramma Debbie drove up from Utah County for the girls' graduation. Thanks Gramma it was so fun to have you there.

Abby was lucky enough to get to go through preschool this year with her cousin Ally who also graduated that day. They are TROUBLE!!!!

Both Abby, and mom are really excited for the new adventure of Kindergarten. However, I think what excites us most will be SCHOOL SHOPPING! Yippee


Pam said...

I never knew trouble could be so cute!! She's getting too old too fast!

Char said...

She is so cute! She will have her kindergarten teacher wrapped around her little finger!

Jamie said...

I can't believe she is starting kindergarden. Where does the time go? She is such a cutie. Tell her hi from Jamie Joy and Kylie. We need to get our kids together.

Ashlee Swensen said...

Oh man they are so cute. You guys are in trouble she doesn't just have the cute looks she has the personality to go with it. Ilove htose pictures they are so cute.