Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Stingray

For Karson's last term project for second grade he was told to pick an animal, do research on it, and make a habitat. Karson chose to do his report on a stingray. The report went great, and aunt Corinne gave us a great idea to use geletin for the habitat. Karson worked so hard on this. He used clay to mold the stingray, he also made a jellyfish, coral, and star fish. He then painted everything, and I helped him put it together in layers, he even had a plastic shark lurking in the water. I am so proud of him, and how much he has grown and excelled this year in school. Love you big man!!


Ashlee Swensen said...

That is seriously one cool project. Wat to go Karson and mom. I know who I am going to call when I need an idea for a project.

Teri said...

It was the coolest project in the class.