Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Nydegger Christmas in the Islands 2009

This year for our Annual extended family Christmas party my cousin Jason, and his wife Melaime decided to treat us to a little polynesian culture. My late Uncle Scott was married to a Tongan girl named Mowala (sp). We have not seen alot of Jason the past few years, and it is so wonderful to see him happy and healthy. Needless to say it was night filled with fantastic food, and entertainment including a little special dance by Grampa Bishop.
Jason and Ame

I sure wish I could have caught Becki with that beautiful mouth full of pork she was showin me. :)

It was such a fun night, I wish that we got together with everyone more that once a year. Thanks to Jason, Ame, and her family for all of the hard work. I feel really sorry for whoever is in charge next year, and has to top this. ;)


Anderson Family said...

OOOOHHHHH! That's where I got all my best moves from. And all this time I thought it was from mom!!! ;) Looks like I missed a great one. Hopefully we'll get up there next year!

Corinne said...

HILARIOUS!!! Pam needs to show that video at their ward talent show.

The NyDegger's said...

We'll hello there...thanks for the comments about the party!! We ENJOYED it!! Love my Nydegger we can keep in contact!! Love you guys and Happy New Year!!