Monday, December 7, 2009

Gettin Ready for the Man with the Bag...

I love this time of year around our house. This is my most favorite holiday to decorate for. That being said, I don't usually let my kids put the decorations on our big tree. I am just a little to obsessive about it...I know I am a kill joy, however, the kids do have their trees down stair that they can decorate to their hearts content. They are able to put all of the ornaments that they get from Gramma Debbie, and the keepsakes from school. I actually love to see what they create.

It makes me happy to just sit and listen to them recall memories as they unpack their ornaments...Abby remember this, or brother look at this one OOOHHHH!!!

It also seems to remind them of how good of friends they really are. I love to hear all of the encouraging words about how great the other one is doing, and how they love each others trees. I really do have great kids!!

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Teri said...

Those kids and trees are so cute!!!