Wednesday, April 14, 2010

EVERY Kid should be LUCKY enough to have a PAMMY!!

The title of my post says it all for me. My baby sister is AMAZING!! This year for the kids birthdays, she decided to take them of a SPECIAL date doing something that they love.

Abby chose to go to "dinner". They went to China Hill, and then Pam took her shopping at the mall...~~~HEAVEN~~~ for that little girl. They came home and had matching earrings.

Pam took Karson to see the new movie How to Train A Dragon in 3D. He was so excited, and they had a great time. Karson also wanted to go shopping at (get this) The Quilted Bear... before you start laughing too hard, he went for a new Webkinz toy. They walked around the mall for a while, and had a great time.

Pammy also wrote each of them a special card too personal to share in this forum. I am so grateful for the love, and special relationships that my kids have with their Auntie Pam. She is going to make an exeptional mother someday...and she does really great hair! Love you Pammy.


Corinne said...

Amen! Auntie Pammy is one of a kind!!

Pam said...

Oh my heart! I love my kids like I love air. It's really me who is so blessed. Love you guys!