Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Happy Birthday Karson

Karson turned nine this year. The Utah Grizzly Hockey Team came and did an assembly at his school, and gave each of the kids a free ticket. Karson already loves Hockey so it was not really a surprise that this is what he chose to do for his birthday.

The game was on the night of his b-day, so it was fun to see all of his friends, and celebrate with them. We were even able to see Pretty Aunt Val. Aaron had arranged for the announcers to wish Karson a Happy Birthday which he thought was great. It was a great game that went into overtime, however the Grizz could not pull off a win. After the game the kids got iceskates on and were able to skate on the ice, and meet the players. This pic is of Karson and Abby and Brian Kilburg #6. It was a great night.

The next day we opened his presents, he was so patient to wait. He was VERY spoiled this year. He got Star Wars legos, a date with Pam, a street hockey set, and a diet coke from Abby. Uncle Ryan even gave him Adrain Peterson's Minnesota Vikings Rookie Card...WOW!! We always knew that Ryan is a closet Vikings fan...most people are, it's a hard row to hoe...anyhoo... I thought Karson was going to jump out of his skin when he got his presents from his Granparents! Grampa & Gramma Bishop gave him amongst other things, a HUGE 2-pak of Beef Jerkey! He was ecstatic! PaPa & Yia Yia gave him a Kung Fu Panda game for the PS3. SPOILED. He chose a Minnesota Vikings cake. It was awesome, but the frosting had a horrible chemical smell and no cake...until later.

I cannot believe how quickly the last few years have flown by. Karson you are growing up to be such an incredible young man. I am so grateful for the love that you show for your sister, and brother. We had a talk the other day about how I wanted you to stop growing up. You told me that you would always stay with me no matter what. I didn't have the heart or ability to tell you otherwise. I will thoroughly enjoy you while I have you. You are truely a huge light in my life. I love the fact that you'll still kiss me goodbye everymorning before school (even if it is from behind the door), and that your not afraid or embarrassed to express your love. I hope that never changes. I am grateful for your enthusiasm for life, and the quirky smile that usually adornes your face. You are awesome! Happy Birthday


Jamie said...

Looks like an awesome birthday. We miss being able to share those with you. Happy belated birthday Karson. Corbin misses you sooo much.

IngeO said...

Happy Birthday from Germany, I like happy children.
Gruß IngeO