Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Kindergarten Field Trip

I was so excited to go on Abby's Kindergarten field trip to the Eccles Dinosaur Park. This is her class, they are such a fun group of kids.

This is the group of girls that another mom, and I were in charge of. They were adorable, and loved learning about, and exploring the park.

We hooked up for a little bit with our pals Brittani & McKade. They were in a different class, but it was fun to see them for a second, and after this fun filled day, Brittani and I went for a HUGE greasy cheeseburgers, and fries to detox. It was great.

I had a great time with my girl

At this point, I probably might have left them in a cage for a few. :)

We also ran into Ally at the end during play time. It's always a laught when these two get together.

Thanks princess for letting me share this time with you.

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Brittani said...

Good Girl you BLOGGED!!!! Love it, keep it up:) Now you need to go and have Buffalo Chips at Gridelies they are AMAZING!!!