Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Rays Baseball

Karson played "REAL" baseball this year. Meaning that the boys actually pitched. I was surprised that he wanted to play, because he hadn't played since t-ball. But he did well at tryouts and was drafted in the first round to the Rays. The Rays were the HAPPIEST team in baseball, but had a not very winning season. The coach was a great guy who taught them a true love for the game. They cheered eachother on, and played so positively together. I only took the camera to the first game, but the boys did get alot better through out the season...the very LONG season. It about doubled in length due to rainouts. It seemed to only rain on the days the boys had a game. During the last game (2nd round of the playoffs) we sat through a down poor. But big Daddy, and I toughed it out in the rain cuz if our trembling 46 lb. boy can shiver out in short stop position, who are we to run and hide? :) Great memories!!

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