Friday, August 14, 2009

Fun on the 24th????

So on the 24th, Aaron and Karson had gone up to Coure deAlene for our good friends birthday. Abby, Luke, and I, along with some of our neighbors decided to do a few little fireworks for the kids. Luke was not too sure of the festivities about to take place...

It was a big tadoo, then the wonderful South Weber wind started to blow.

It's amazing what parent will do for their kids, because does Char look like she's having much fun...actually does Kati for that matter? :D

Maddie and Abby looked so comfy, I had to take a pic.

Luke, still unsure would not even look up to get a picture. It was pretty funny, until I realized just how scared he really was. Since then, there have been several occasions where he just buries his head, and closes his eyes to make things go away.

It wasn't the spectacular event that we had hoped for, but they rarely are right? I am sure to get a big I told you so from Big Daddy...he hates fireworks!

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Ashlee Swensen said...

It sounds like a lot like our firework show fifty bucks later. I think I'm with your Dad they are a little overrated.Cute pictures!