Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Today, I am thankful for this little squaw.

She had an Indian Pow wow in her kindergarten class. I love that she loves to learn, and so grateful that she has such a wonderful, and caring teacher.

At school Karson read a book called Turkey Trouble. The turkey tried to dress up in many different costumes to avoid being a Thanksgiving turkey. Each child in the class dressed a turkey up. Karson dressed his turkey up like the Pokeman Pikachu. He has such a fun imagination. I am thankful for such a fun, and helpful 8 year old.


Teri said...

So cute. Happy Thanksgiving!!

Melissa Richman said...

Wow! You ARE old...totally kidding of course. Happy Birthday Sis! You are still and always will be as Sassy as ever! Age is just a right?? Love ya!