Monday, November 23, 2009


Today, as I am reflecting on the upcoming holiday, as well as it being my birthday week I am pondering a pretty swell existance. Alot of my friends with blogging, and facebook have been writing everyday what they are thankful for. Today, I am just thankful that my kids made it through the day alive. I am grateful for this stage in my life, and try to enjoy everyday. I am grateful for the privledge of being a mother.

I am grateful for my best friend "Big Daddy", and for how hard he works for our family. We have been lucky enough to dodge the current economic crisis, while trying to prepare for what may come.

I am grateful for wonderful family, and friends old and new. I am truely blessed by the people around me.

I am grateful for a loving Heavenly Father who knows my needs, and the needs of my little family.

I am grateful for this time of year, when people (including myself) become less selfish, and self absorbed and start focusing on their fellow man.

I hope that everyone has a healthy, happy, and successful Thanksgiving!!


Teri said...


Char said...

well put!

Melissa Richman said...

Well said Sis! I am thankful for you!! I don't know what I would do without you! Love ya!

Kelley said...

Thank you Kristi. That was really great!

Jenny said...

YOU ARE AWESOME!!!I AM Thankful for a great friend like you!