Tuesday, August 25, 2009

So Blessed...

I snapped a few pics, and a video of one of the most beautiful sights a mother could ask for...ALL of my kids getting along, and playing together. I feel so blessed to have such loving children that take care of eachother. I was very worried when I found out I was expecting with Luke, because Karson and Abby were eachothers' world and I wasn't sure how a third would fit into the mix. Obviously I had nothing to worry about and Luke has been such a blessing. As the kids get older, and less likely to want to be around so much, I will look back and remember this day fondly!

Monday, August 17, 2009

A weekend with my best girl...

Abby and I got to take a getaway weekend. We left about lunch time, ran to Walmart to get some treats. I then asked her where she wanted to go for lunch...she said "Chinese Hill". It's actually called China Hill, and the silly restaurant in right by our house. Out of all the places she could have picked. :D It was really yummy though.

One of the perks of having Aaron travel, is that we are able to benefit from, and use of his frequent traveler points. He set up up the first night at the Hilton downtown SLC. I had big plans for us to head to Temple Square, the Gateway etc. but Abby had other plans.

She wanted to go to see all of her friends in the old neighborhood. I told her that she would have to pick just two because we didn't have enough time to see them all. So first we went to see Jamie & Kylee. We were able to spend an hour or so visiting with them, and then we went to see "Konka". I have to admit, that I really did enjoy seeing these friends just as much as Abby did.

That night at the hotel we went to the pool/hot tub AS SOON as we checked in (which by the way was about 8:00 p.m.) We swam for about an hour, and then I bribed Abby to go back for room service dinner. She agreed only if we would be able to return to swimming after dinner. We had grilled cheese sandwiches, and tomatoe bisque. With cookies and milk for dessert right before bed. We went back down to the pool where Abby made alot of new friends from the "Stampin Up" convention that was in town. The ladies loved her. We headed back to room about 11:30.

The next day we went to Park City, and shopped our hearts out. We then checked into our second hotel. The Dakota Resort. This place was incredible. It sits just yards away literally from the Canyons. It was spectacular!! We then changed for our "grown up". After the foo-foo food we went a got slurpees (OUR FAVORITE). We had about 7 over the corse of the weekend. That night we did our toes, and talked about everything under the sun. I am so blessed to have such a beautiful daugher inside, and out. She has such an adventurous outlook on life. She talked about wanting to be a mother, and that she wanted 5 kids. But that she wanted to stay and live in South Weber with us. It was such a wonderful night of bonding. The next day we drug ourselves out of bed, and headed back to shopping, and then on home to the boys. Thanks Daddy for making it possible for us, and thank you Abby for the time that we shared. I am so grateful and blessed to have you as my daughter, and best friend! It is bitter sweet to watch you grow. I cherish the times that we are able to share now, and the innocence in your eyes. But, I also look forward to the young lady that you will become, and the way our relationship with grow. I love you so much princess!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Island Park with the Richman's

We were finally able to get away with the Richman's to Island Park. Ryan's family has a cabin up there. It was a blast...for the most part. It was a real wake up call for the parents. Aaron and I talked about how big of babies we were being, and that we now have a new respect for our parents. Family vacations are all about the kids...as it should be.

We went to Yellowstone where we were able to take it more of the breath taking beauty of the area as there were no animals to be found anywhere, I take that back, we saw 4 Elk, and a small herd of buffalo about thousand yards away!!! It was a long day, and the kids were great.

We were able to the Big Springs float on the Henry's Fork River. We were worried about how Luke would do, but he had the most fun. He loves to be outdoors. We got rained on a couple of times, and noone especially Abby wanted to stop to fish...kind of a bummer. I love to float that River, and had hoped that it would have been a nicer first experience for them, but there is always next time.

We stopped at Bear World on our way home. I was not really sure what to expect, but it turned out to be really fun. We had rented a little sport trailer to hold our stuff so that the ride would be more comfortable, and the Ranger cautioned us to not stop for too long because the black bears were known to jump on, and could cause damage. We saw alot of bears, wolves, a moose, bull elk, deer, and other fun animals. The visit ended with Karson getting bitten by a horse fly, and some awesome bear claw shaped french fries. The trip was alot of work, but the kids really enjoyed themselves! Thanks Richmans again for the fun!!!

Fun on the 24th????

So on the 24th, Aaron and Karson had gone up to Coure deAlene for our good friends birthday. Abby, Luke, and I, along with some of our neighbors decided to do a few little fireworks for the kids. Luke was not too sure of the festivities about to take place...

It was a big tadoo, then the wonderful South Weber wind started to blow.

It's amazing what parent will do for their kids, because does Char look like she's having much fun...actually does Kati for that matter? :D

Maddie and Abby looked so comfy, I had to take a pic.

Luke, still unsure would not even look up to get a picture. It was pretty funny, until I realized just how scared he really was. Since then, there have been several occasions where he just buries his head, and closes his eyes to make things go away.

It wasn't the spectacular event that we had hoped for, but they rarely are right? I am sure to get a big I told you so from Big Daddy...he hates fireworks!