Monday, February 22, 2010

Karson gets his Wolf

Karson received his Boy Scout Wolf badge last month. We are so lucky that our ward is VERY into scouts. I only wish that I could get excited about it. I guess it will come. This month's theme was "Hollywood" Each of the boys getting an award got his own star on the walk of fame.

They had a spotlight on which didn't make for great picture taking. But in this picture Karson's den leader is announcing that he received his Wolf badge, 1 gold arrow, 2 silver arrows, a soccer belt loop, and a marbles belt loop. She was very proud of how hard he had worked to get the arrow, and so were his dad and I. I was even more excited to get my mother's pin. :)

Karson was really excited about his star.

Here are three boys in Karson's den that advanced. They get their faces painted each time. The boy on the end got his bobcat, and doesn't he looked thrilled. :)

We are very proud of what Karson accomplished. Great Job little man!


Jeron & Brook said...

Great job Karson! I would love to say scouting gets easier, but... =) Keep up the good work mom! Just think you only have 2 of them! Haha!

Jamie said...

Great job Karson! I hate to tell you Kristi, but scouting only gets harder as they get older. Sorry to crush your hopes. Keep on keeping on. Miss you.