Thursday, February 4, 2010

So Close...yet so FAVRE away!!

Another beautiful football season has come to a close for us...EARLY!!! Being a Viking's fan for well over a decade now, and bearing three more, we've come to expect this. Vikings fans have all the hope you could ever want, but our expectations...well? However, with the addition of the deliciously golden Brett Farve we had both. The season went great, and then we lost the NFC division game against the New Orleans Saints. It was THE MOST exciting game I have ever watched! We had over time, dropped carries, and 1 fatal interception. The game went into over time with a score of 28/28. The Saints won the toss, and it was over with a STUPID field goal 31/28. Don't get me started on the rules of overtime, or this post would be 48 pages long, but I will say this. I think that overtime should be an additional quarter like they do in college football so that each team has equal opportunity. I'm just sayin... Off the still mulpy box. We had PaPa Kunz, and Uncle C, along with the Richmans over for the event.
Karson and Luke were READY for some Football!

My Boys

It was so much fun to have PaPa up, he always makes the party.

I think this might have to be my all time favorite picture. I have no doubt that if Luke wanted to, a football player he could be. This shot was totally on his own. He truely loves the game, and was wahooing the whole time.

Oh so handsome Mr Favre, if you are reading this, ;) please, oh please just one more year, I know you can do it.

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Teri said...

You guys are rabid fans, eh? :)