Saturday, February 14, 2009

EnOuGh AlReAdY!!

I really do love snow...however, just one week ago, I woke up and it seemed like spring was in the air. Warmer, and no snow on my back grass. I had just hacked away all of the ice off of my driveway, and then...on Monday woke up to snow, and it snowed, and snowed, about 16 inches YUCK, and to make it worse Aaron was out of town, and the snow was so wet and heavy that our snow blower was useless. Thank goodness for my brother in law Ryan who saved the day. Anyway, today I woke up to another snow storm. The kids have been playing, so I thought I would post a few pics. But really I am sooo ready for it to stop for this year.
This pic is Karson and Abby sledding down the plow piles in front of our house. I forgot to mention, that the owe so kind snowplow drive left me about 4 feet to try and sqeeze the Tahoe through to get out of my driveway, so Ryan had to plow the plow hill. :)

They go down the hill, and fly into the snow on our lawn.

Karson's face plant

King and Queen of the hill.

A view of our "Sledding Hill" from the road.
Karson & Abby after a slide.

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Melissa Richman said...

I agree! The snow needs to STOP! We'll have to have Ryan drag the kids around our circle on the John Deere.