Saturday, February 14, 2009

When Life Give's You Snow....

So call me the blogging fool. But I wanted to post some pics of us at Melissa's house today. They called and invited us to go over, and have a mini sledding party. Uncle Ryan pulled the kids around the cud de sac with the John Deere. The kids had a blast. The cul de sac was like an ice rink when we were done. There is a really cute video at the end. Luke wanted to ride too, and notice in the video he starts to wave. It turned out to be a really fun day.



Melissa Richman said...

That was so much fun today! I'm glad even Lukie got a ride. Thanks for coming over!
Love ya

Melissa Richman said...

Oh and FYI snow plow couldn't plow the snow off the road. So we won't be blocked in our driveway. We need to do that every time and in your's too.:-)