Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Happy Birthday Princess

I can't believe how time flies!! My little baby girl is 5 today. Here is a brief look back on some of my favorite pics. Happy Birthday Abby...I Love You!!

Cute Watches

I was looking at my friend Char's blog, and she had a post with these cute watches. I love them because you can buy the face, but then the beaded bands can be interchangeable. Too cute. Click on the pics on my side bar, and it will link you to her friend Skye's blog. But beware....;)

Thursday, February 19, 2009

SpRiNg HaS SpRuNg

Okay I know that I am a little pre-mature in my post, however....I am sooooo sick of winter, and the additional 16 inches of snow that we got two days ago, that I am just going to pretend like its spring....except for the twitter-pated part. ;D Anyone wanna join me?

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Not such a fun two days...

As many of you know, we had a scare with Luke. On Sunday night he went to bed just fine, and woke up an hour and a half later, and was not able to breath. I stuck him in the shower, and took him outside, and he was no better, so we went to the emergency room. They gave him a breathing treatment right away, and watched for a while. They said that he had Croup, caused by some other virus. They said RSV but I don't really think that was it, as he really wasn't sick before. Anyhoo...he was given another breathing treatment, and a round of steroids. They observed us for another hour or so, and then decided they wanted to admit him. WHAT??? So we were at the hospital from Sunday night through Tuesday morning. During this time he had more breathing treatments, and steroids, and spent as much time as he could in his oxygen tent. He was such a trooper. We are so blessed that it wasn't worse, although it was bad enough. When the Dr. came in on Tuesday morning, Luke had finally had enough poking, and listening, and steam, and told the Dr. to "GO!!!!", I couldn't help but laugh, and told him to be nice, he then lowered his chin to his chest, knitted his eyebrows, and whispered "Go.." I can't say that I blame him, but it was pretty cute. Thanks to all our family and friend for the well wishes, and to Melissa, for the Olive Garden, and Bachelor break!! Love to all.

In Honor of President's Day

Abby made a cute picture at pre-school, and was telling us about it. She says President Lincoln's name so cute, and also talks about a mountain. She is referring to Mount Rushmore, and she also says that Barack Obama is not on the mountain. It's fun for me to see her getting excited about learning new things.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

When Life Give's You Snow....

So call me the blogging fool. But I wanted to post some pics of us at Melissa's house today. They called and invited us to go over, and have a mini sledding party. Uncle Ryan pulled the kids around the cud de sac with the John Deere. The kids had a blast. The cul de sac was like an ice rink when we were done. There is a really cute video at the end. Luke wanted to ride too, and notice in the video he starts to wave. It turned out to be a really fun day.

EnOuGh AlReAdY!!

I really do love snow...however, just one week ago, I woke up and it seemed like spring was in the air. Warmer, and no snow on my back grass. I had just hacked away all of the ice off of my driveway, and then...on Monday woke up to snow, and it snowed, and snowed, about 16 inches YUCK, and to make it worse Aaron was out of town, and the snow was so wet and heavy that our snow blower was useless. Thank goodness for my brother in law Ryan who saved the day. Anyway, today I woke up to another snow storm. The kids have been playing, so I thought I would post a few pics. But really I am sooo ready for it to stop for this year.
This pic is Karson and Abby sledding down the plow piles in front of our house. I forgot to mention, that the owe so kind snowplow drive left me about 4 feet to try and sqeeze the Tahoe through to get out of my driveway, so Ryan had to plow the plow hill. :)

They go down the hill, and fly into the snow on our lawn.

Karson's face plant

King and Queen of the hill.

A view of our "Sledding Hill" from the road.
Karson & Abby after a slide.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

CuTe CoRi & BrYnLeE AgAiN!!!

A couple of weeks age Abby was sick with strep, and our very thoughtful, cute Cori, and Brynlee sent her this get well soon basket. They said that she looked awful, and wanted to cheer her up. This is Abby's reaction when she found out that the delivery was for her.

Brynlee knew just what princess was Abby's favorite for the second because it changes all of the time....but she got it SOOO RIGHT...Princess Jasmine!!

This was the cutest basket ever!!

I wasn't sure that I wanted Abby to eat any of them because they were so cute, but I guess that defeits the purpose, and I am glad we did..those cookies were good!! Thanks guys!! We love you


So, I am finally getting around to posting some pics of the fun day we had with Aaron cousin and his family that visited over Christmas from Minnesota. Hockey is really big in Minnesota. Aaron played in High School, and College, and is teaching Karson to skate to hopefully get involved in the future. After watching Conner skate (he plays in Minnesota) Karson really wants to get better.
This is Conner, Courtney, and Karson at the Olympic Oval.

This is Jerry holding Luke, and his wife Michelle. Luke was VERY crabby that day...but all kids love Jerry!!!

The kids skated pretty well. Abby was loving the little walker/balancer they had. It really helped her alot, and she was just about able to keep up with the other kids. Conner was so cute to watch, and stay by her.

This is how Luke was for just about the whole two hours. Very Pleasant!!

I love this one, Abby towards the end was practicing some figure skating moves. Too cute.

We had such a great time with them, and wish we could see them alot more often.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

HaVe i ToLd yOu LaTelY...

I apologize in advance for these ramblings of a very tired, and warn down mother who is in need of some reflection of her purpose. Feel free to read ahead, or just enjoy the pictures. I feel that I need to document this here so that it doesn't get colored on, or have juice spilled on it, mistakenly thrown away, or buried in a box somewhere. I want to start with my Karson...

My first born, my best big boy. The protector. Have I told you lately how much of a help you are? And that I love the way you interact with the other kids. I love how you sneak in a cuddle, and then look around to make sure that noone else saw. I love that you love to learn, and to read. Have I told you that you a wonderful example in the gospel for your family. I am proud of your choice to be baptized. I love how much you love the lord. I love your sense of adventure...always looking toward the future, just like this picture. Always remember how much I love you right now!!
Oh Abby my give new meaning to the song "Mama said their'd be days like this!" My Princess, My Little Girl, My Cheerleader, and my best Girlfriend.

I hope that we can always stay as close as we are now. Have I told you, that I do notice how hard you try to clean up your room all by yourself? And that I know it was an accident that you left your waxy lipstick in your pants pocket? I love the fun that we have just us. I love to go get "Diet Coke" slurpees, and then go shoe shopping. No one would guess your only 5. I love your independant spirit, which also is the hardest part of being your mom. I would not change that for anything, as I am sure that Heavenly Father blessed you with that for some greater reason. Have I told you how much I love your imagination? Your going to be a wonderful mother. I love what a loving sister you are to Luke, and Karson (most of the time). I love to watch the joy in your eyes when daddy tells you it's "Hot Tub Time". I cherish the times that you sneak into bed with me when you think I'm asleep, and then wake me up with your big brown eyes. What a way to greet the day. I love you!!
And my Luke..the best surprise ever.

You are my peacemaker. Even though your so young, I love how we can communicate. I love how you greet me every morning with a big "Hi", and huge toothless smile. I love our cuddle times at night, just before bed (Dr. Lindsay is going to kill me if I don't quit giving you that bottle, but I just can't help it). I love how you grab my cheeks, and then we touch foreheads, or rub noses. You are such a loving boy. I love that you have no fear, and a go get em look on life. I hope that it stays with you. I love how you know exactly what you want, and will scream until we figure it out, and then are back to your happy self. I am so glad that our Father in Heaven blessed me with such a wonderful gift. I love you.
And Aaron, first of all this picture is the only one that we have with all five of us in it. So Have I told you lately that I want a REAL FAMILY PICTURE?

Have I told you how lucky I am to have such a wonderful companion? You are a wonderful provider, and head of our family. Your are my best friend!!! I always know that you love me!! It can be a glance in the midst of caios, or wisking me off on a moments notice for an adult weekend, or just an amped up fountain drink after a long day with the kids. Thank you for being my rock. I love the different relationships that you have with each of the kids. They all love you so much. Thank you for respecting our differences, and letting me take the kids to church. I hope someday you will fully understand how much that means to me. I love you more than words.
I am so blessed with such a wonderful family, and friends. This move has really sent me for a loop, trying to find my place again...but I'm ALMOST back baby!! Thanks for reading.