Friday, April 10, 2009

Gramma's Birthday Quilt

Today my mom and dad came up to give Karson two of the most beautiful gifts that I have ever seen. They significance of both are so important, that they both warrant their own posts. This is the birthday quilt that my mom made for Karson. It's actually version number two.

The first one was not "Perfect" so mom re-did it. So much time, effort and love was put into this quilt, and it sooo reflects Karson's personality, and interests. It has squares that have basketball, boy scouts, skiing, school, race cars, cute camo, and plaid. Thanks mom for these are incredible.

Thanks Gramma, and Grampa for always making each child feel so important. WE LOVE YOU GUYS!!!

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Brittany said...

Happy Birthday Karson, you are growing up so fast & turning out to be such a great kid!!!