Monday, April 6, 2009

Such A Lazy Baby....

Let me first start of by saying that on a happy note, our whole family was together in the room this last Saturday morning when Luke, "Tank" as he is lovingly known as took his first steps. Both Aaron and I looked at eachother in has been very important to me that because Aaron is away for so much, that he was able to see Luke take his first steps. So much so, that I even admitted to our pediatrician quite humbly that I had pushed Luke over a couple of times when it appeared he might walk. I know, I know, not my proudest moment, but I had good intentions.

Anyhoo...we were all able to see it and experience this MIRACLE together since he IS almost 16 months old. We did the whole "yeah Lukey!!" Then after he walked to me a couple of times, it occured to us that we should get the camera. And I swear this baby.....he would not, and has not walked since!

WHAT THE CRAP? So no pictures, and just a lazy baby. He even walkes on his knees, which seems to me that it would be harder than just walking. But it did happen. So I guess I am looking for suggestions to help me encourage him to keep walking...I know, not knocking him down would be the preferred route. We'll post pics when he decides he's ready for us to.


Jamie said...

Yeah Luke! That is funny. Sounds like he is a little stubborn. Good luck getting a picture.

Brittany said...

I would say don't push him to do it, matter a fact just forget about it. When he figures out that you don't want him to, he'll just start walking because HE decided to. LOL!!! I know this because I have 5 STUBBORN children, good luck!!!!