Friday, April 24, 2009

My Cute Girl!!

I have to just make this quick entry, as this is pretty much the closest thing to a journal that I have. I was just exploring the WWW, when cute Crazy Hair Abby comes in with her note pad and we have the cutest exchange.

Abby: Hello Miss, would you like some brefkass?

Mom: Well yes thank you..what do you have

Abby: Well we have toast, waffles, soup, salad, and shaghetti O's...oh and McDonald's.

Mom: Would I need to go and pick up my own McDonalds?

Abby: Well Yes!! I don't could also go to Arby's, whatever "Whatchuwant" you want.

Mom: Did you say restaurant?

Abby: Yes can have what you want.

All the while she is talking like an 18 year old semi valley, bff girl. She makes us laugh at something new everyday!!! Slow down princess, I'm not ready for you to be so grown up!!! Off to order brefkass.....


Jeron & Brook said...

They all grow up way too fast! I am so glad you take the time to share with us!

Janzen said...

How cute. I love the things that children come up with. It is the highlight of my day.