Friday, April 24, 2009

Karson's Baptism

So finally I am getting around to posting some pics from Karson's baptism. It was such a great day, but started off pretty rocky. We were told to be at the church at 9:30 for the 10:00 service. But noone showed to the church until rush, rush, rush. We only got a few pics, but Karson felt and received so much love and support from family, and friends both old and new!! I want to thank EVERYONE who came, and some traveled very far to show their love and support of Karson's decision.
Karson was baptized, and confirmed a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints by my dad Frederick John Nydegger. The confirmation blessing that my dad gave Karson was THE MOST beautiful I have ever heard, and the spiritual power coming from that circle of men was almost overwelming. Thank you dad...I Love You!!

Then Karson's paternal Grandfather Frederick Raymond Kunz offered a beautiful prayer on Karson's behalf. Karson is so lucky to have such strong men, including his dad, that believe in, and teach their children and grandchildren about, and proclaim their love for Our Heavenly Father, and our Savior Jesus Christ.

This shows how hurried we were...we hurried and snapped this shot inbetween the other two baptisms that were happening that day. Not the most reverent of things, but I WANTED A FAMILY PICTURE!!

We had to practically tie Karson down to get a couple more shots when we came home. He was on cloud nine, and just a LITTLE hyper.

This is Karson with his Aunt Pammy. Karson asked her to give a talk on Baptism. She did such a great job, and really talked to the children which was nice. I know that she was SO NERVOUS but did a fantastic job....and is no longer afraid to speak in public for any occasion. In fact she wanted me to let all of blogger land know that she is willing to speak any time, any where!! :D Love you Pammy!!!

I also need to especially thank Mark, Melissa, and Corinne for playing and leading the music, and Shelly for yet again sharing her beautiful gift of a voice with us. On a final note I want to thank Aunt Corinne for the Baptism towel. Aaron told me that as he and my dad were waiting for Karson to get dressed, he yelled "This Baptism Towel ROCKS!!" Thank you for your thoughtfulness. Karson is very lucky to have such wonderful people in his life. Love to all!!


Pam said...

Um yeah, for a HEFTY fee!! Ya know, if I'm ever lucky enough to be a mom, you might be getting some speaking assignments!! What goes around comes around! But I'd do anything for Kars, or any of my kids. I'm happy he asked me...even though I sounded like a dork!

Janzen said...

Congats!! What a great day it must have been for you and your family.
Can you believe that we have children old enough to be baptized. I just found some pictures the other day from girls camp. Was it really that long ago? Wow I feel old.